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Getting married in Cuba:
legal document requirements

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TLC UK provide a full service (translation and legalisation) and a part service (translation only). We also operate a scheduled messenger service for document legalisation requests.

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Translation provided by TLC UK means a legal translation of your documents otherwise known as an ‘official translation of documents’ or a ‘certified translation’.

  • Check the Cuban Consulate national guidelines for documents required for a marriage in Cuba.
  • Always verify your document checklist with your travel agent or hotel first, as regional variations may apply.
  • Once verified send your documents to TLC UK for translation and/or legalisation approx. 3 months before the date of your wedding.

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Top 3 Cuba Questions

Can I send photocopies?

No. Always send originals. The only time we accept photocopies is when you require your marriage certificate translated into English.

Are the Cuban Consulate fees included?

Yes this is included as part of our full service offering.

I know someone who speaks Spanish and can translate. Is that OK?

Translations need to be certified.

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