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Documents required for two British nationals getting married in France

Single Full Birth Certificate + Certificate of No Impediment
Divorced Full Birth Certificate + Certificate of No Impediment + Decree Absolute
Widow/er Full Birth Certificate + Certificate of No Impediment + Death Certificate
Adopted Full Birth Certificate + Certificate of No Impediment + Adoption Certificate
Changed name by Deed Poll Full Birth Certificate + Certificate of No Impediment + Change of Name Deed Poll

Special requirements of note:

British citizens need to contact the town hall where they wish to marry and will be given a list of documents that they will need. One of the documents that they will need to complete is a certificate of law, which they can download from www.ukinfrance.fco.gov.uk. After completion, the certificate of law together with the accompanying fee and original documents should be sent to the British Embassy, Paris. The certificate will then be sent to them by post.

One of the parties to be married has to reside for at least (40) days immediately preceding the marriage. Publication of the banns in the town hall (Mairie) where marriage will take place is compulsory in France. Most Mairies take approximately 4 –6 weeks to process an application. Requirements will vary for each Mairie, therefore it is essential that you first meet with them in order to determine their exact documentary requirements and terms of validity (documents may need to be issued less than 3 months prior to date of marriage or publication of banns).

If an applicant is resident in the United Kingdom, the application for the certificate of law may be submitted to Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Consular Directorate, Room G35, Old Admiralty Building, London SW1A 2PA tel: 0207 008 0186. As the Foreign and Commonwealth Office do not issue certificates of law they will forward the application to the British Embassy Consular Section, Paris. All applicants must submit original documents along with 2 sets of clearly legible photocopies.

Validity of Certificates of No Impediment is 6 months.

Certificates of No Impediment and certified copies of passports (by a notary) need FCO legalisation.

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Price illustration:

Based on two UK nationals marrying in France who have not been married before, neither of which have changed their names or been adopted and would need their legal documents both translated and legalised (full service) the price is £520 + VAT.