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Notary Public UK

If you are looking for a notary public London or notary public Bristol because you are getting married abroad, TLC UK can help.

TLC UK can assist you directly with the notarised translations of legal documents e.g. your personal documents required for your wedding abroad. TLC UK is not a notary public but can provide notary statements and notary services by association.

What does a notary public do?

The short and simple answer is they authenticate documents and their standing means they are recognised Worldwide by the receiving authority/jurisdiction. So whether you are getting married in Cuba or getting married in Mexico, you will require notarisation translation services.

TLC UK as part of the service we provide for couples getting married abroad, will not all translate your wedding documents but where necessary will have them notarised for you as well, do the legal documents returned will be fully country compliant.

We do provide a scheduled messenger service to the legalisation office Milton Keynes (FCO legalisation office) and for urgent requests requiring same day, the FCO London. If purchasing a full translation and legalisation package, this will be included.

Need further assistance? Please call us on 0203 633 4923 or email esther@tlcuk.biz now.

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