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ASEC case study

A UK based adult toy distributor wanted to start trading in Spain.

The client employed an agency to assist with the registration process and guide/advise them on matters concerning legal, financial and commercial issues in Spain.

In order to register the company, the client had to get the necessary paperwork translated into Spanish and the UK original documents legalised.

The Spanish agency were unable to assist with the translation and legalisation aspect at that time. So to help the client, they referred them to the Spanish embassy and Spanish Chamber of Commerce in the UK and subsequently they then got in touch with us (TLC UK).

The end user wasn’t sure (and why should they) if the translations had to be certified. So TLC UK acting on behalf of the client spoke with the agency in Spain, to ensure the translated documents were presented in accordance with the statutory requirements.

Whilst TLC UK and the Spanish agency offer full bi-lingual support to clients, this direct intervention assisted all parties and TLC UK now enjoys working with the agency in Spain as their translation and legalisation services supplier and can also assist with payroll driven requirements too.

Darren Elliott


Not long ago, we received a translation and legalisation request for a wedding in Dominican Republic.

When the documents arrived at our office, we realised that even though the groom was a British citizen, his Birth Certificate was from Quebec (Canada), as he was born there.

Usually, the Birth Certificate would need to be legalised in Canada or through the Canadian authorities in the UK. We contacted the Canadian High Commission in London for final confirmation and advice on what to do next.

The High Commission confirmed that the document needed to be sent to Canada if “full legalisation” was required and not just “authentication”, which could be done in the UK.

We called both the hotel where the marriage was going to take place and the local registry office in Dominican Republic in order to find out if authentication was accepted by the local registry office in Dominican Republic (to avoid sending the Birth Certificate to Canada).

After confirming that full legalisation was required for the marriage to take place, we informed our customer that his Birth Certificate had to be sent to Canada.

The next issue was time. The couple was getting married in less than a month and we didn’t know how long it would take to legalise the Birth Certificate in Canada before we could deal with the translations and the rest of legalisations.

Luckily, with the help of a legalisation company in Canada, the groom managed to legalise his certificate there. We then carried out the rest of the work in the UK on time, so he and his bride were able to have a fantastic wedding in Dominican Republic with no problems.

As an appreciation of our help, they recently sent us their Marriage Certificate for translation into English.

Thanks so much for all the work you've done on our documents, I really appreciate all the help you gave us, you certainly made the process much more stress free.
We will also send the marriage certificate to you once we receive it to be translated into English. Once again thank you for the brilliant service we have received, we will make sure we recommend you.

Lynette Baker


One of the many British couples who decide to tie the knot in Dominican Republic every year sent their documents to TLC for translation and legalisation a couple of months ago.

When our Dominican Republic specialist received and checked the documents; they realised that the Statutory Declarations were completed and certified incorrectly by their solicitor. More specifically, the groom’s name was spelt differently from the rest of the documents and the solicitor’s stamp was missing.

Both the FCO and the Dominican authorities have specific requirements regarding the completion of the declarations and the details that should be on them. Not meeting these requirements can cause major inconvenience and a delay in the process.

TLC advised the customers on how the declarations needed to be completed and asked them to contact their solicitor so that new or amended declarations were issued.

The couple was very grateful for spotting the mistakes and finalising the translation and legalisation of all their documents on the time initially agreed.

I'm very impressed with the quality of the work you have done. The translated documents were very professionally put-together. I have already passed on your details to my Spanish-based wedding planners so they can recommend you to future clients. I will definitely use you for translation of my wedding certificate. Many thanks.

Michelle Gray



‘TUI Travel Group (owners of the Thomson and First Choice brands), who provide wedding packages for couples getting married abroad, have been working with TLC since July 2010. TLC provide TUI customers with a fast, reliable and secure service for processing all their legal documentation requirements and from time to time provide the TUI wedding team with assistance in collating information directly from resorts and hotels, so the latest information is always available.

The TLC service provides a seamless solution to enhance our own customer experience by taking the stress and worry away from what is a necessary but often complex area in the planning of a perfect wedding. Couples just simply send their documents to TLC and the team there organise all the translation and legalisation required and then post back the compliant documents. No hassle, no fuss. That is why TUI Travel recommend TLC.’

Jill Williams at TUI Travel Group

The team at TLC provide a reliable, friendly and professional service for couples getting married abroad.’ – TUI Travel Group.


Sometimes, plans don’t go as smoothly as one wishes. This is what happened to one of our clients who was getting married to his Dominican partner in Dominican Republic a while ago.

As no travel agent was involved because the wedding was being organised by the bride-to-be in Dominican Republic and it was going to happen quite soon, our customer didn’t know that he had to translate and legalise his Birth Certificate and Statutory Declaration in the UK for him to be able to marry legally.

It wasn’t until a week before his flight that he found out about these legal requirements.

He then phoned our team and explained the situation desperately. We advised him that, even though the time frame was very tight (he was flying in 3 days), we would first find out if the Dominican Republic Embassy could legalise the translations on the same day and then confirm the viability and costs to him.

The embassy confirmed that it was ok and we were able to legalise his documents at the FCO Premium Service, carry out the translations and legalise them in the Dominican Republic Embassy within 2 days.

Even though the customer had to pay a bit more for the FCO Premium legalisation fees, he was very pleased with the way and speed that we managed this process, TLC saved his wedding!

I previously used TLC for my company documentation processing and I recently used TLC again for my personal documentation processing. In both cases I was very pleased with the service that TLC provided.

Joseph Prem

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