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Translation memory tools

Translation memory tools: language translation software solutions for business

What to know what something says in a flash? Then a machine translation or on-line translation service like Google translate maybe your answer but want to save money, improve the brand consistency of your outbound foreign language materials, have a seamless, quality driven, portable translation resource? Then CAT tool translation is the answer you are looking for.

The science behind CAT tool translation or language translation software is awesome but it’s the application and attention to the management, deployment and maintenance which then brings it into its own and makes it an invaluable tool which can be integrated into your international communications strategy.

Client and supplier need to work together. Become partners, where aspirations are shared, visions understood, so the document exchange, quality plans and various interactions allow the best outcomes to be achieved. In short, the correct implementation of translation memory systems into a production cycle can achieve faster lead-in times (feature) with a faster route to market (benefit).

The faster lead-in time is achieved by past approved copy being identified by the CAT translation tool, so large sections of text do not need translating but proofreading instead to make sure they are aligned correctly to the original. Proofreading by definition is quicker than translating from scratch.

The consistency aspect derived from the supervision and implementation of a translation management system comes from the recycling or redeployment of past approved text, gathered from other literature sources (yours by the way) so a new piece of corporate literature will be based on current articles of literature, so from a branding perspective the tone, style and delivery will be retained breeding confidence and security with the target audience and ensuring your key messages never get lost in translation.

A CAT translation tool is just like any other piece of database software. It needs to be built up, feed with new entries, cleansed from time to time and refreshed. This is where the post-translation activities come in and close co-operation between client and supplier will mean outstanding results moving forward.

The ‘translation’ aspect will always be performed by a real person. The database software assists in the translation process. So human and technology work as one.

The translation memory software will produce a pre-translation. The pre-translation will then follow a quality plan where new text is translated, part-translated text edited and existing text proofread. Post-translation (once the finished translation has been approved) the database software will then be updated. This update process can take different forms depending of the actual software being used but in short it is a process of alignment (matching sections, sentences and even words) from one language to the other. Once aligned, it is saved and locked into the memory banks.

Speak to your translation service provider about the translation memory systems they use. Then ask how they can best implement those systems to work with your document processes, so the full exciting benefits can be achieved for your business and start saving money today!

Written by Darren Elliott