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International Trade & Exhibitions: travel & accommodation

This bit of the workshop was actually quite thought provoking as it’s just a bed for the night ... right?

Planning was the buzz word here and if you can’t get there and stay there, you won’t be there.

It’s not just the flight there and where to stay. I guess in many ways it’s a bit like planning a holiday.

One word of advice which came through from the workshop was do talk to the organisers. They will most likely have considered this and may have a full turnkey option for you, which could save you time and money in the long run.

If you going for the DIY option, here’s a few pointers I grabbed from the course:


  • Visa’s ... do you need any?
  • Foreign currency ... for tipping, paying taxi’s etc
  • Check your passport will be valid and isn’t due to expire
  • Check and see if special transport is being laid on for exhibitors
  • Maybe order a mini-bus from the airport for all staff rather than individual taxi’s
  • Book flights in advance and grab some discounts
  • If travelling by car, check out car parking facilities and drop off points


  • Book early ... places will fill up quick!
  • Early booking will also mean you can take advantage of any early bird discounts
  • Get confirmation and consider an extra following the show in case of long journey times

If you book travel and accommodation at the same time as booking the stand, things will have all been dealt with, giving you time to then focus on making the exhibition really work for you.

Written by Darren Elliott