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How much was your engagement ring?

How much was your engagement ring?

Many of us were brought up not to ask people how much things cost, as it was seen as the height of bad manners.

But as they say, curiosity killed the cat!

So if you have ever wondered how much other people’s engagement rings cost… why not take part in our Facebook poll and see how much others spent!

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Getting married abroad... tailored translation solutions

Planning your dream wedding abroad involves many aspects which can be both exhilarating and daunting.

Tailored Wedding Packagest

I think it is fair to say, the legal paperwork planning process probably falls into one of the more daunting tasks required. That said, it is still an extremely important task and something which needs to be undertaken correctly.

As with most things in life, one size does not fit all. This especially applies to the translation and legalisation of your wedding documentation, particularly when budgets influence what we can and cannot do.

With that in mind, TLC UK offers a range of packages to suit all budgets and requirements.

There is the full standard Platinum service, the most popular amongst TLC UK clients, which is all inclusive. All you need do is post your documents to us and we send back the completed translated and legalised paperwork, undertaken in accordance with the relevant wedding country documentation guidelines.

However, we sometimes like to do certain aspects ourselves. Either through wanting to, because we enjoy it or, to save money.

This is where tailored packages can complement every budget. Perhaps you wish to undertake the legalisation yourself? Or you wish to organise the FCO legalisation, but need assistance with the translation and Embassy process. Whatever you need, TLC UK are here to advise and assist you according to your requirements.

passportsIn addition, when you arrive back in the UK, TLC UK offers a variety of packages for the translation of your marriage certificate into English. There is the option to purchase a single copy of the document or, why not save on our combo package, which provides you with multiple copies to aid in the name changing process.

If you are planning a wedding abroad and require assistance with the legal documentation process, TLC UK are here to help. We will tailor our services to you and your needs, so that you get the perfect match for your perfect wedding.

Translation & Legalisation fees explained

When planning your wedding abroad, budgeting is key to ensure that you are aware of all the costs involved to tailor your dream wedding day.

Whilst the initial cost for the full standard translation and legalisation service of your wedding documentation can seem overwhelming, this is one of the most important factors to ensure that you can legally marry in your specific wedding destination.

Upon speaking to our clients, providing a breakdown of TLC UK's costs can significantly help to raise an awareness of the services that need to be undertaken to ensure that their wedding documentation is correct, in accordance with the requirements of their wedding country.


There are many components to how the overall price is achieved which delivers maximum value for money and high levels of quality and service:


The true and accurate translation of your original documents is perhaps the most crucial aspect when submitting your completed documents to your Travel Agent/wedding co-ordinator, supported by the relevant legalisation service(s).

Here at TLC UK, we pride ourselves upon the quality of our translations and can confirm that all translations are completed by a qualified and approved native speaking national of the country where you are getting married.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)

All original UK documentation (and, in some cases notary certificates for countries such as Mexico or Cuba), require legalisation (apostilles) at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office which TLC UK is able to offer by personally attending as a business.

It is possible to undertake the legalisation yourself as an individual, but this is only available to do via post, as they no longer offer attendance appointments for the general public. The FCO legalisation costs, as incorporated within our full standard service quotations, are the same costs which would be charged to you as an individual.

TLC UK Attendance to the FCO and relevant Embassy/Consulate

The main extra cost that TLC UK charges within the full standard service quotation is a messenger fee for attending the FCO and/or relevant Embassy or Consulate upon the client's behalf in person, using our business account. This service ensures a faster processing time and helps clients to avoid both the hassle and time consuming process of sending documents for legalisation by post.

Embassy/Consulate Legalisation (where applicable)

Dependent upon your wedding country, the translations or, in some cases, both the original documentation and corresponding translations require legalisation at the relevant Embassy or Consulate of your wedding country. It is also possible to undertake the legalisation at the relevant Embassy/Consulate yourselves as individuals, but this would require you to either attend in person with the relevant documentation, or to arrange the service required via post.

Again, the fees for the relevant Embassy/Consulate legalisation are reflected within our full standard service quotations and are the same prices which would be charged to couples undertaking the legalisation process themselves.

Notarisation of Translations (where applicable)

In some particular cases, translations are required to be certified by a Notary Public. The countries which normally require documents to be subject to this service are Cuba and Mexico.

TLC UK incorporates this service within their full standard service quotations, as well as attending the Notary Public's office upon your behalf to notarise the translations.

TLC UK has kept its translation and messenger fees static for several years now to offer maximum value for money to our customers.

All translators who collaborate with TLC UK are accredited to the highest level and therefore meet country specific requirements as outlined by the relevant wedding country's Embassy or Consulate. Whilst cost plays a part within the services offered, the TLC UK team are very focused on providing a friendly and informative customer experience which fully supports our clients throughout the wedding documentation process from start to finish.

Getting married abroad – the zig zag path of decision making

I recently got engaged to my partner of over two years, Zoe. I proposed at the same table we first met at in a cocktail bar in Bath (The Earl).

Heart Shaped Silver RopeObviously, talk then turned to marriage plans.

But at the same time, another conversation was emerging: moving in to together, selling houses and all that this entails.

Mindful of the fact we both have children, we agreed that, whilst excited about getting married, we did not want that to overshadow the bigger life event of us all living together for them.

So the big plan is to move in together and then tie the knot, which means 2016 is now the year we will become husband and wife.

One evening when we were children free, we started talking about our wedding. To my surprise, Zoe, who if I may use the expression is 'a very girlie, girl', was completely practical about everything.

Conversation started with the venue; big little or registry office? As we have both been married before, we wanted to share the day with a smaller circle than perhaps would have otherwise been the case. Hiring out our favourite restaurant for the evening, so that the moment shared was more intimate, had instant appeal.

Drawing Hearts On Beach Then Zoe mentioned about a destination wedding. The idea of jetting off to say 'I do' on a beach started to tick all the boxes.

When we then started chatting to friends, they were a little surprised I hadn't immediately suggested it, given that I run a company which helps couples to marry abroad by assisting with their legal paperwork.

Their comment really got me thinking about not just Zoe and I, but the whole journey other couples go on. Opinion seemed to be split. Some always wanted to marry abroad and had a specific location in mind, whilst others who liked the idea of marrying overseas weren't overly fussy – they just wanted sunshine.

As Zoe had no particular destination in mind but loved the idea of sunshine, how do you reach a decision on exactly where? This, as the title suggests, is where the zig zag path starts!

Do you rely on recommendations from friends? Look at what's hot (bad pun) and what's not or what's the 'in' place? Is your decision made for you based on budget? The last point is always going to be a key factor, whoever you are.

With family commitments and the endless juggling of life, while always wanting to do the best for your loved one, you undoubtedly end up having to look at things maybe a bit harder than normal.

The most popular destinations we at TLC UK get asked to translate and legalise legal paperwork for are Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Greece. Therefore, those became my first ports of call.

AthanasiosPapadopoulos-image3Quite clearly, how much you spend will dictate an awful lot of things. But not every overseas wedding destination will have a translation and legalisation requirement. Will that tip the balance?

Looking at it a bit more closely, the costs for two divorcees (which Zoe and I are) planning to get married in those destinations I mentioned earlier vary. Based on the national guidelines of each country, the cost of complying with legal requirements for translation and legalisation of your documents ranges from £326 to £1,415 before you even start adding in VAT.

In everyday language, does a swing of nearly £1,100 on legalities make the decision for you? At best, it focuses the mind. That is an extreme, though.

Upon closer inspection, two divorcees thinking of getting married in Greece or the Dominican Republic would contemplate a price difference of £575, while the legal paperwork costs of a Greek wedding and a wedding in Cuba are almost identical (a difference of about £40).

Why the big differences? Well put simply, it is the fees charged by the various national embassies for legalising the documents and the amount of documents they legalise. Recent changes in the Dominican Republic requirements have forced the prices up. Not for individual documents but the actual number required – twice as many to be precise.


So just on that aspect of planning a perfect wedding abroad, would a £500 to £1,000 budget saving influence you if you didn't have your heart set on anywhere in particular?

I'm sure we all could think of something to spend that kind of saving on anyway, which might make the difference on creating that extra touch or moment, if location isn't the deal breaker.

For now anyway, 2015 is about family and making sure the life event for them is key. 2016 will be mine and Zoe's year for becoming husband and wife.

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Images courtesy of nuttakit, noppasinw / FreeDigitalPhotos.net / AthanasiosPapadopoulos